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1430 Kona Street Suite 201

(Mountainside of Ala Moana Mall)

Honolulu, HI USA 96814

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Acquiring a new tattoo is an experience filled with excitement and maybe a little apprehension.  At TATTOO HAWAII we want to help you make an informed, responsible decision.  

Facts about TATTOO HAWAII:

We are international award winning professionals dedicated to the art of tattooing and piercing.  Each artist has been professionally trained and schooled in blood borne pathogen and disease prevention.  Our staff practices Standard Precautions in all phases of our business to assure your safety along with our own.

We are quite proud of our training and knowledge...please ask any questions you might have.

Single service needles along with disposable pigment trays are used once and only once.   Nothing is returned to a common container...NOTHING!


Our staff is happy to work with you to achieve the design YOU desire.  We will work from studio selections or help you create a totally unique personal design.  We welcome custom one of a kind artwork.

Oriental, Polynesian, Hawaiian, Traditional, Old School, New School...the choice is yours.  We also specialize in repairing old, damaged or poorly applied tattoos.  Cover-ups are done daily...that's why we advise to NEVER get a name, unless it is "Mom", "Dad" or your kids!


You will recieve verbal and written aftercare instructions.  It is imperative that you follow them to the letter.  DO NOT listen to your pals who saw a tattoo or pierccing done in a kitchen one time...WE are the ones with a license and proper training!

The long term results of your body art are dependent upon your ability to set properly and to follow the given aftercare instructions.


The Hawaiian sun is intense...exposing a new tattoo will not only be painful but will be very detrimental to the outcome of your work.  Bacteria such as Staph, MRSA and Strep are present in the sand and waters of our lovely beaches.  Pool waters and spas are sanitized with powerful chemicals that are quite damaging to a new tattoo.  

When we advise you to stay away from these elements, it's for a very good reason!


You are always welcome to come into the studio but to INSURE we will be ready when you are, appointments are greatly encouraged.  We are a BUSY studio!   A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to hold an appointment time and it is applied to your tattoo balance.    

We are happy to accept PayPal deposits prior to your arrival to Hawaii.  Call or contact us via email for details.

There is never an extra charge for artwork, cover up or custom work.